Compliance with self breast examination related to demographic and psychosocial characteristics and institution of a teaching protocol

Heard, Laura Zoe Callen
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A quasi-experimental study of the problem, "What are the factors that influence a woman's reported compliance in monthly breast self examination (BSE)?" investigated the relationships among BSE compliance, demographic and psychosocial variables, and a teaching protocol for self examination. The sample population initially included 161 adult women participants in a community cancer screening clinic, and ended with 105 participants. The women provided demographic, psychosocial, and health information via questionnaire, then were exposed to the teaching protocol, which included a film, group discussion, and private BSE teaching session. They were free to have participated in any or all parts of the sequence. Half the sample received one month post-clinic telephone calls for purposes of reinforcement and encouragement to do BSE. All participants were asked to complete a questionnaire regarding BSE practice three months post clinic. The teaching protocol was evaluated via chi square analyses, relating post-teaching BSE compliance to variations in protocol participation, demographic and psychosocial characteristics, and pre-teaching BSE practice. All analyses except those relating compliance to ethnicity and motivation behind clinic attendance yielded non-significant chi square values.

Breast cancer screening, Breast cancer prevention, Patient education