A study of drug knowledge, non-medical drug use, and attitudes toward legalization of illicit drugs of American and Nigerian students residing in Texas




Nwosu, Amos

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Subjects were males and females attending North Texas State University and Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas. Thirty American students were compared to 30 Nigerian students whose ages ranged from 17 to 42 years. Data were collected during the summer of 1984 with two instruments, Galli's Drug Knowledge Test and Johnston's Monitoring the Future Questionnaire. An ANOVA was used to determine if there were significant differences at the .05 level between the two groups. The Pearson Product-moment correlation was used to determine the relationships between drug use and demographic data. The Amercian students had significantly higher drug knowledge scores than the Nigerian students. No differences were found between the two groups in their declared use of drugs, and attitudes toward legalization of illicit drugs. A positive relationship was found between drug use and length of stay in the United States. No relationship existed between drug use and gender, age, or participation in religious activities.



Health and environmental sciences, Health improvement research, Nonmedical drug use, Drug abuse