Attitudes regarding inclusion and perceptions of support of early childhood teachers in Texas

Cox, Jennifer Gail
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The purpose of this study was to explore the attitudes and perceptions of early childhood teachers regarding inclusion. Participants included fourteen early childhood teachers in Texas. Participants completed an online survey and participated in synchronous online focus group. Five of the fourteen participants also agreed to complete a face to face interview. Data collected were sorted and analyzed for themes and subthemes. The following themes emerged from the data; benefits, challenges, need to individualize, collaboration, in district training, administrative support, and pre-service training. Participants discussed the belief that inclusion provides benefits for children with disabilities and without disabilities, but also creates challenges related to meeting the needs of all children. Due to the perceived challenges, participants expressed the desire to individualize students' inclusion opportunities. In regards to support and preparation, participants discussed the helpfulness of collaborating with other professionals, and attending in district training. Participants' attitudes and beliefs about administrative support and pre-service training were mixed.

Child development, Early childhood education, Inclusion, Prekindergarten inclusion