A retrospective immunization assessment of kindergartners in a select Tarrant County school district population




Scott, Gail Johnson

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The purpose of this retrospective study was to determine if economic status affects whether children will be properly immunized according to state requirements before they enroll in kindergarten. Two hundred kindergarten student records during 1993 and 1994 were selected for review using a random cluster sampling design. The sample consisted of 100 records from two economically disadvantaged schools, and 100 records from two non-economically disadvantaged schools. A comparison of the frequencies of proper immunizations in the economically disadvantaged schools and non-economically disadvantaged schools was determined in a bivariate analysis using Chi Square with a Yates Correction (df = 1). Analysis of the data revealed that 89% of the economically disadvantaged kindergarten students had proper immunizations, and 98% of the non-economically disadvantaged kindergarten students had proper immunizations. The results indicated that the frequencies of proper immunizations occurred more often in non-economically disadvantaged elementary schools. Consequently, the null hypothesis was rejected, and economics was found to influence the rate of proper immunizations among kindergartners in the sample population (p <.01). Concurrently, it can be concluded that there continues to be a need to monitor immunization levels of young children, and to develop strategies to maintain these levels to at least the 95% national goal of Healthy People 2000.



Public health, Health education, Health and environmental sciences, Education, Texas