Psychosocial aspects of college student smokers versus nonsmokers




Peña-Purcell, Ninfa

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The Attitudes and Beliefs about the Perceived Consequences of Smoking (ABC Smoking Scale) was used to examine psychosocial aspects of smoking behavior among college students. Three hundred and five participants were examined on their perceptions about health hazards, emotional benefits, self confidence and body image associated with cigarette smoking. Alcohol and recreational drug use among this cohort was investigated. A two-way MANOV A revealed that nonsmokers and smokers did not differ in their health hazard and body image attitudes and beliefs. In this group of college students, smokers tend to be occasional, low-level smokers. The smokers were more likely than nonsmokers to agree that smoking provides emotional benefits and enhances selfconfidence. Greater alcohol and recreational drug use was observed among smokers. Based on the findings of this study, it was concluded that collegiate antismoking efforts are needed to reduce smoking prevalence and, among current smokers, prevent the progression to habitual, life-long nicotine addiction.



Cigarette smokers, College students, Smoking, Conduct of life, Psychological aspects, Social aspects