Leveraging Collaboration and Peer-to-Peer Strategies to Expand Outreach Efforts




Knox, Briana
Brents, Madison

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The UNT Libraries’ Access Services Department recently completed a reorganization to address changing workflows and service demands, including reallocating duties to create a position that focuses on outreach and programming for the department. One goal of this position was to open involvement in outreach activities to all interested employees in the department, particularly student employees. The presenters will share the strategies they used to expand outreach efforts and the benefits of involving student employees in planning and hosting events, including strategies on empowering student employees to have a voice in the department. Methods of planning and organizing events and strategies for communicating with a large group of employees will be discussed. Presenters will share examples of events organized over the past year to demonstrate successes and lessons learned. They will also share ongoing plans to further improve planning and communication for future events.


Presented at the 2023 CTLC Conference