Breast and cervical health promotion: “Do it for me, Mom”®, a collaborative educational intervention program




Salazar, Gracie

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The purpose of this pretest and posttest comparison study was to determine participants' level of knowledge about breast and cervical cancer and prevention before and after an educational intervention. The study framework was based on Pender's Health Promotion Model - Revised, Collaborative Theory, and the “Do it for me, Mom®” Program modeling a partnership among healthcare professionals and lay people.

This convenience sample included 163 women whose ages ranged from 17 to 76 years (M = 33, SD = 11.89). The findings indicated the following: (1) no significant differences of knowledge between groups prior to the educational intervention; (2) participants were willing to perform BSE, have CBE and appropriate mammograms, and have yearly Pap smears after the intervention; (3) although some participants were not willing to perform health promoting behaviors on the pretest, many changed their minds after the intervention. These implications will be helpful for future nursing practice in community settings. The conclusions show existing baseline knowledge among women regarding breast and cervical cancer health awareness. However, it is not sufficiently compelling to induce a change in behavior. Participants plan not only to participate in health promoting behaviors, but they also plan to become health advocates.



Health and environmental sciences, Health education, Breast health, Women's health, Breast cancer, Cervical cancer