All-Gender Restrooms: Necessary and Possible




Peebles, Emily
Ericson, Lora
Ross, Alyssa

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Does your library have an all-gender restroom? Why not? The U.S. Trans Survey found that many trans and gender diverse people avoid using public restrooms for fear of confrontation, and some suffer health complications as a result. Formerly, the UNT Library Annex provided restroom access for employees and guests who identify as women and those who identify as men. A group of employees recognized the need for an all-gender restroom, researched solutions, surveyed employees, outlined a plan, advocated to administration, and worked with facilities to convert an existing restroom for all-gender access. This has provided safe restroom access for our employees and guests who are trans and gender diverse. We were also able to establish the all-gender restroom using only staff time and funds for the restroom sign and lock, “doing more with less.” The goal of our poster presentation is to encourage library employees to advocate for all-gender restrooms in their own workplaces and show that such a task can actually be done without a lot of time and money.


Presented at the 2023 CTLC Conference