Disease Receipts - A Body of Artwork




Langley, Nicholas

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To catch a virus is to inherit a legacy of disease passed along a population of many of those who came before. My most recent paintings explore these concepts with mass figural forms. These forms are influenced by Keith Haring, whose artwork often tackled the subject of Safe Sex. In 2021, we are far more worried about Safe Air. Our concerns are shifting in how we defend against disease. In my works, the swimming, endless swarm of bodies all direct themselves towards a hellish celebration. Multiplier layers of acrylic are used to add a skin-like texture over the surface of the stacking body fragments. Having given in to the contagion, these figures are free to congregate into a miasma. This evokes a conflicting sense of belonging against the need for the distance of sanitary revolt. This kind of abjection, according to Bulgarian-French philosopher Julia Kristeva, is also a desire in disguise.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium