An investigation of factors that influence recreational golfers to play in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex golf courses

Alzoubi, Abdalla Talal
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The purpose of the study was to investigate the factors that influence recreational golfers to play a round of golf in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex golf courses. A round of golf typically consists of playing all 18 holes on a golf course. Additionally, the investigator examined the effect of demographic variables on the factors which influence these golfers to play golf. The following dissertation presents a quantitative study in which a Recreational Golfer Participation Paired Comparison Instrument (RGPPCI) was developed. A total of 122 correctly completed questionnaires were received, 50 participants were from private golf clubs and 72 participants were from public golf courses. The results led to the conclusion that "Be with friends", "To have fun", and "Love the sport" were the three major factors influencing recreational golfers to participate in playing golf. Factors also rated more than 50% by the participants were "Affordability", "Enjoy the competition", "Maintenance of the course", and "Choice to walk and ride". The least influential factors were "Business negotiation", "Prestige sport", and "Staff courtesy". A major discrepancy between private club members and public course golfers was the factor "Affordability" which was noticeably more important to golfers who played on public courses than to private club members.

Sports management, Recreation, Social sciences, Dallas-Forth Worth, Factors, Golf courses, Texas, Theory of planned behavior