Effects of Exercise Signaling Within Aging Human Skeletal Muscle Cells, an In Vitro Investigation




Zumbro, Emily
Gordon, Ryan A.
Sokoloski, Matthew L.
Duplanty, Anthony

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The United States population of individuals aged 65 years and older is predicted to double by the year 2050 in addition to a steady rise in life expectancy. As a result, there is increased incidence in chronic disease with sarcopenia, or the age-associated and involuntary decline in skeletal muscle (SKM) mass, impacting upwards of 45% of this population. Consequently, sarcopenia can decrease strength, metabolic rate, aerobic capacity, and functionality while increasing vulnerability to additional chronic diseases. Exercise is suggested to potentially ameliorate and protect against this disease, but the interconnected molecular influences in addition to proper guidelines for exercise prescription within this population are mostly unknown. This study utilizes an in vitro approach to investigate the hypothesized age-related dysregulation of gene expression related to SKM health, and to test the hypothesis that stimulation of exercise signaling pathways may mitigate this degradation.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium