Professional women's perceived autonomy related to autonomous behavior among nurses and teachers

Gonzalez, Lois
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Autonomous perceptions were related to stated behaviors among 152 registered professional nurses and teachers (mean age = 39.7). Most subjects were Caucasian (124, 81.6%) and married (98, 66.2%); all (152; 100%) had baccalaureate or higher degrees, ≤10,000−− 50 , 000 i n d i v i d u a l a n d $ ≤

20,000--$100,000 combined annual incomes. The Gonzalez Autonomy Perception and Behavior Scale measured degree of autonomy and if perceptions of autonomy correspond with stated behaviors. Possible total scores (degree of autonomy) vary from 80 to 400, while possible perception and behavior subscale scores vary from 40 to 200, respectively. All (152; 100%) subjects had moderate (208-271) to high ($>$320) total scores with most (123, 80.9%) at moderately high (272-320). Perception scores (M = 148) were higher than behavior scores (M = 136). Positive correlations existed between perceptions of autonomy and autonomous behaviors (r =.604, p .001) and degree of autonomy and income (r =.214, p .05 individual; r =.376, p .001 combined).

Womens studies, Professional women, Nurses and autonomy