Works for Everyone: Preparing Individuals with Disabilities for the Workplace




Traylor, Logan

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Individuals with disabilities following graduation from high school face increased difficulty securing employment, increased levels of poverty, lower independence, and lower overall quality of life. My Possibilities is a daily, yearlong continuing education and job placement program offering secondary education courses, independent living training, supported employment/vocational training, and health & wellness classes for individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental disabilities (IDD). The program outlined in this project involved collaborating with My Possibilities to develop pre-employment transition services (Pre-ETS) for individuals coming from high school into their offered courses to help aide in their transition. The results of the literature review conducted during this project demonstrated that Pre-ETS programming provides structure and promotes independence and therefore promotes employment and positive postsecondary outcomes for individuals with disabilities. Ultimately, this capstone project illustrates the positive impact that pre-employment transition services can have on individuals with disabilities on overall quality of life.



Pre-employment transition services, Intellectual and developmental disabilities, Postsecondary education, Transition, Employment