Is there a rainbow?: Gay young adult fiction in the state of Oklahoma




Daniel-Morgan, Heidi

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Texas Woman's University


In 2005 Oklahoma passed legislation with the intention of limiting accessibility by minors to materials with homosexual content in public libraries. Compiling with the legislation meant libraries needed to examine their youth collections. One question that arose from this was how much material with homosexual content was in these Oklahoma libraries. This study aimed to determine the extent to which young adult fiction titles with gay/lesbian/bisexuaVtransgendered themes were available in Oklahoma in 2005/ 2006. Data on the catalog holdings of seven library systems in Oklahoma was collected and analyzed. Findings showed the three larger systems had a higher amount of holdings, but that within these three libraries there were differences in holdings that indicated factors other than size had an impact. Additionally, some locations were significantly more likely to have in-print and current books than other locations, leading to the conclusion that accessibility was determined by geographic location.



Homosexuality in literature, Libraries and gays, Young adult literature