Differences in decision-making strategies used by experienced and novice nurses to formulate Nursing diagnoses




Hall, Susan Marie

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The purpose of this study was to examine differences in decision-making strategies of experienced and novice nurses. A computerized simulation (SIMUDEMA) was developed to provide patient data in response to questions. Subjects were given a brief patient report with a photograph and asked to gather data to make the priority nursing diagnosis.

The study was conducted on a community college campus. Forty-four subjects were randomly selected from two populations: students enrolled in the first year of an associate degree nursing program and graduates of the same program who had been working for two or more years. Subjects received an information letter asking for voluntary participation.

Two scores were calculated, PTS and SCORFST, which represented the total and average informational value of questions asked. Significant differences were noted in the length of time required, use of nursing categories, early selection of a multiple hypothesis testing strategy, and SCORFST scores. Significant correlations were noted between test/retest PTS scores, PTS scores and ACT social science scores, and between SCORFST scores and months of experience.



Experienced Nurses, Novice Nurses, Decision-making, Diagnosis