Inpatient Stroke Self-Management Programs Impact on Self-Efficacy, Participation, and Health and Wellness Post-Discharge: A PRISMA Review




Wheeler, Carolyn
Neville, Marsha
Cox, Elaine

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Following a stroke, the transition from hospital to home can be a challenging one. Stroke survivors report needing more support in figuring out how to adjust to post-stroke life and how to best self-manage. Discharge planning that includes patient education to promote long-term self-management is crucial for stroke survivors given the adjustments they must make to manage the physical complications, psychosocial consequences, and lifestyle changes necessary to manage their chronic condition. To investigate the outcomes associated with inpatient self-management programs for stroke survivors, a systematic review is being conducted in collaboration with a research librarian following the PRISMA protocol. Search strategies were identified and tested for four databases and additional journals were hand searched. Inclusion criteria are: in English, aged 19+, discharge to home or community living, and dated November 2015-present. Non-stroke diagnoses were excluded. 338 articles were identified and are currently being screened against selection criteria.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium