Factors affecting nurse manager job satisfaction

Bolding, Kay N.
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The purpose of the study was to examine job satisfaction levels of nurse managers in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area and compare to the job satisfaction levels of nurse managers in Massachusetts as reported in the literature. The theoretical framework was based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory as applied to work satisfaction and management, and job satisfaction of nurse managers. The sample consisted of 121 nurse managers.

The Fiscal Environment Task Force Survey was used to measure levels of satisfaction. High levels of satisfaction were found in nurse managers in the DFW area. The predominance of favorable satisfaction included sources of support, power and control, and budget. The DFW group was found to be dissimilar from the Massachusetts group with the DFW group significantly more satisfied than the Massachusetts group. Dissatisfaction with budget, sources of support, and salary/benefits were major contributors to lower levels of satisfaction in Massachusetts.

Nursing, Occupational psychology, Health and environmental sciences, Job Satisfaction, Nursing, Dallas-Fort Worth