Reassessing racism: Validation of the black lives matter scale as a measure of modern racism

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The Civil Rights Movement was a response to discrimination against Black individuals (Scheman et al., 1985). The movement resulted in desegregation and shifts in societal racial attitudes (Scheman et al., 1985). In response to the movement, researchers developed scales to measure the impact of changes on attitudes. Results identified a new, covert form of racism, termed modern racism (Henry & Sears, 2002; McConahay & Hough, 1976). Just as discrimination against Black individuals sparked the Civil Rights Movement (Scheman et al., 1985), current discrimination, namely the killings of unarmed Black men, has sparked the Black Lives Matter Movement. In response, the Black Lives Matter Scale was created to investigate modern racism under the scope of the movement. The current focused on the validation of the Black Lives Matter Scale. Results indicate that the measure is a reliable and valid measure of modern racism. Implications and future directions are discussed.

Modern racism, Black Lives Matter