Class matters: Political participation and family policy development across socioeconomic status




Thomas, Tricia

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Research studies have indicated trends in political inequality, differing political participation levels across social classes, and consequently disparities in policy development. The purpose of this research study was to identify political participation levels of individuals across social classes and socioeconomic factors and to identify political attitudes about family policy and describe political participation related to issues across social classes. The researcher conducted a study using quantitative research methods to analyze data collected from a political participation survey instrument. The research sample included participants from the north and south Texas region as well as south Louisiana. The participants provided descriptive and socioeconomic data as well as information regarding their political attitude, views, and activities that influence their political participation level across social class. Using a one-way ANOVA to tests the hypotheses, the researcher finds no statistically significant difference in political participation across social class, particularly in a large popular election.


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Social sciences, Family policy, Policy development, Political participation, SES, Social class, Socioeconomic status, Voting