..With liberty and justice for all? An analysis of justice in the selected works of Katherine Anne Porter and Susan Glaspell

Cole, Annette Renee
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Justice is an issue many writers have been moved to explore. Justice is elusive and as many have discovered, it has a tendency to not overlook gender and race. Katherine Anne Porter and Susan Glaspell were twentieth-century writers concerned with injustice as it pertained to women. Both Porter and Glaspell were concerned that women were not afforded the same consideration as men under the law and presented alternative solutions to injustice; community justice based upon their own experiences with injustice as well as issues of separation and isolation that often times plagued rural women.

In the short stories, "Noon Wine," and "Maria Concepcion" by Katherine Anne Porter, and "A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell," each writer examines the issue of injustice by circumventing established law, and recognizing the influence of mitigating circumstances in determining a just outcome.

American literature, Language, literature, and linguistics, Social sciences, American studies, Womens studies, Law