Development and preliminary validation of the gender inclusive rape myth acceptance scale



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Current rape myth acceptance (RMA) scales are outdated and leave out the important experiences of gender diverse individuals. This researcher created the Gender Inclusive Rape Myth Acceptance Scale (GIRMA) to address limitations in the current measures. Study One included 73 items that loaded onto one factor. Items were reduced, resulting in a final 18-item scale. Study Two tested the GIRMA against existing measures. Excellent model fit and internal consistency was found. Higher levels of endorsed sexism predicted higher scores on the GIRMA. The GIRMA had strong, positive correlations with existing measures for RMA. Demographic differences were explored; there was no difference in levels of RMA for men and women; those who identify as Asian/Asian American/Pacific Islander endorsed the highest levels of RMA; individuals with more education had higher levels of RMA. This study adds to the field by creating an inclusive and culturally attuned measure for assessing RMA.



Rape myth acceptance, Rape myths, Gender, Rape culture