Independent educational evaluations: What non-school based licensed psychologists have learned



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The purpose of this study was to examine the essential experiences that licensed psychologists (LPs) had when conducting Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs). Three LPs participated in in-depth one on one semi-structured interviews with the researcher. All three LPs identified as clinical psychologists who have not been employed by a school district or received graduate training in school psychology. Saturation was achieved during these three interviews and five common themes emerged from the interview data. Among these five broad themes, fifteen subthemes also emerged from the interview data. The five broad themes that emerged were: collaboration, familiarity, experiential learning, the need for training, and the outside evaluator. Implications for graduate training, public schools, Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSPs), and LPs wanting to conduct IEEs were provided based on the results of the study, as well as areas for future research.



Evaluations, Training, School