The Black love narrative: A qualitative study

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The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the lived experiences of eight Black couples that identified as being in love. A phenomenological methodology was used to conduct this study. Each couple was interviewed and asked to share their experienced of being Black and in love. During the interview, the participants discussed the misrepresentation of Black love in different aspect of society, expressed that they are actively working towards countering the negative representations of Black romantic partnerships, and provided insight on their individual experiences in their partnerships. It was concluded that healthy Black love does exist, Black love is different due to the unique experiences Black Americans encounter, and that there is a need for more representation of healthy Black romantic partnerships.

Black Love, Black Marriages, Black Relationships, Black Families, African American love, African American Relationships, African American Marriages, Healthy Black Romantic Partnerships, Healthy Black Love, African American Families, Marriage and Family Therapy