Sensory Characteristics and Consumer Hedonic Ratings of Five Pecan Oils




Muniz, Adriana
Du, Xiaofen

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Pecan oil is considered a gourmet oil because of its sensory and nutritional characteristics; however, there is no publication focusing on consumer insight toward pecan oil. This study investigated sensory quality and consumer acceptance of five pecan oils from native and improved varieties with 99 participants. All five pecan oils received positive hedonic scores (>5, with a 9-point hedonic scale) for overall acceptance and the liking of oil flavor, raw-nut flavor, and thickness texture, while olive oil had scores slightly lower than 5 for these attributes. Compared to olive oil, pecan oils possessed higher intensities in raw-nut flavor, while lower in oil flavor, fatty flavor, astringent, and thickness. Texas Native, Pawnee, Western, and Sioux were strongly positively correlated to overall acceptance and flavor attribute likability, while olive oil was strongly negatively associated with fatty flavor and astringent mouthfeel. The obtained resutls provided the first-hand knowledge to academia and industry for consumer attitudes and potential marketing of pecan oil.

Presented at the 2021 Student Creative Arts and Research Symposium


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium