The use of religion and spirituality as a means of coping among single African American mothers

Quarles, Symionne
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The purpose of this study was to gain insight into the lives of single African American mothers and how they utilized religion and spirituality to cope with daily responsibilities. Risk and resilience and attachment theory were used to create a theoretical lens. The researcher examined how religion and spirituality served as support systems in order to help the mothers cope with balancing their responsibilities.

Fifteen single African American mothers residing in Dallas/Fort Worth region were interviewed. Participants were asked 14 open-ended questions. All interviews were audio taped and transcribed. Data were coded for themes. Five themes emerged which included one overarching theme. The results showed that these single African American mothers were very resourceful and resilient.

Five themes emerged which included one overarching theme. The overarching theme was connectedness. The participants felt connected to external and internal factors in their lives. Other themes in this study were instilling beliefs, resiliency, and coping strategies and external resources utility. Coping strategies had four subthemes: prayer, listen to music, read the Bible, and attend religious services.

Philosophy, religion and theology, Social sciences, Health and environmental sciences, African American, Coping, Religion, Single mothers, Spirituality