Association between the on-plane angular motions of the axle-chain system and clubhead speed in skilled male golfers




Madrid, Morgan V.
Avalos, Marco A.
Levine, Nicholas A.
Tuttle, Noelle J.
Becker, Kevin A.
Kwon, Young-Hoo

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The on-plane rotations of the inclined axle-chain system on the functional swing plane (FSP) can represent the angular motions of the golfer–club system closely. The purpose of this study was to identify key performance factors in golf through a comprehensive investigation of the association between the angular motion characteristics of the axle-chain system and clubhead speed in skilled golfers. Sixty-six male golfers (handicap ≤ 3) performed full-effort shots in three club conditions: driver, 5-iron, and pitching wedge. Swing trials were captured with an optical motion capture system, and the hip/shoulder lines, upper lever, club, and wrist angular positions/velocities were calculated. Time, angular position, range of rotation, and peak angular velocity parameters were extracted and their correlation coefficients (Pearson and Spearman) to actual and normalized clubhead speeds were computed (p < 0.05). Higher clubhead speed was associated with shorter downswing phases, larger rotation ranges (hip/shoulder lines, and upper lever), larger hip–shoulder separation at impact, delayed transitions (hip line and upper lever), faster rotations (backswing, downswing, and impact), and larger angular velocity losses (hip line and upper lever) with additional club- and body-specific correlations. Clubhead speed was not well associated with wrist cock angles/ranges, X-factors/stretches, and timings of the downswing peak.


Article originally published in Applied Sciences. Applied Sciences, 10 (17) 10 (17). English. Published online August 19 2020.


Double pendulum, Kinematic sequences, Delayed release, Transition phase


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