Inner strength in women with HIV/AIDS




Trimble, Debra D.

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Significance. This phenomenological study generated descriptions of inner strength in women living with HIV/AIDS. Only two previous studies have investigated inner strength in women with illnesses. The study findings present a new perspective of health within illness and methods for nurses to assist women to identify and utilize their inner strength.

Methodology. This phenomenological study explored inner strength in nineteen women living with HIV/AIDS. Data were collected through use of semi-structured interviews. Data analysis of the audiotaped and transcribed interviews followed Colaizzi's (1978) procedural steps.

Findings. Inner strength is an innate and inherent potential among women living with HIV/AIDS. The diagnosis of HIV/AIDS in women can be a pivotal event, leading to positive growth and a new perspective. Inner strength that is identified and utilized by women in crises such as catastrophic illness can increase with nurturance.



Nursing, Family life, Personal relationships, Sociology, Women's studies, Psychotherapy, Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), Health and environmental sciences, Social sciences, Psychology