Social Support and Loneliness among Black and Hispanic Senior Women Experiencing Food Insecurity

Kirkland, Tracie
Woo, Jennifer
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The impact of social determinants of health (SDOH) is understudied and until recently not a focal point in nursing education. The new Essentials coupled with the impact of the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic deem it necessary to address the intersection of SDOH and population health. The impact of COVID 19 disproportionately affect Black and Hispanic families. Couple the disproportionate numbers of COVID 19 among these groups with the growing incidence of food insecurity, there is need to explore intersecting links. Emerging research link the lack of social support systems and loneliness to food insecurity. In alignment with addressing competency-based education, it is critical to assess factors such as social support systems and loneliness and the intersection of its effects on such determinants as food insecurity. The authors illustrate the role nurses can play in addressing primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions using Neuman’s Theory. (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jennifer Woo)