Development of a Novel Self-Directed Learning Module to Teach Perioperative Nursing Content to Pre-licensure Nursing Students




Cobb, Ariel
Yousef, Mary Grace

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Pre-licensure nurse educators are tasked with preparing students to work in increasingly complex health care environments, yet contend with a saturated curriculum, a shortage of nursing faculty, and rigid time constraints. To mitigate these challenges, novel approaches to delivering educational content and developing clinical reasoning skills must be adopted, which may incorporate independent learning activities. This project centers on the creation of a self-directed learning module to teach perioperative nursing content to second-semester junior nursing students. The module consists of detailed notes, an evolving case study, and an interactive video quiz to keep students engaged and to assess acquisition of knowledge. At the end of the module a survey will be administered to evaluate the receptiveness of this delivery method in comparison to the more traditional lectures.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium