Attitudes of Texas day home caregivers toward parent involvement and training




Wheeler-Liston, Carol Louise

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This descriptive study of 67 Texas day home caregivers explored their attitudes toward parents in relationship to parent contact and to caregiver training and support needs. The sample was randomly selected from all 9,128 Texas caregivers. Data analyzed were obtained from 38 profit (registered) caregivers and 29 non-profit (licensed) caregivers. The self-reports encompassed three instruments: Caregiver Attitude Inventory (CAI); Caregiver Contact Inventory (CCI); and Caregiver Training and Support Needs Inventory (CTSNI). The t-test revealed no significant difference between profit and non-profit caregivers in attitudes toward parent involvement. The Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient revealed a positive significant relationship between parent contact and attitudes toward parent involvement. A variety of the factors identified under training and support needs related significantly to the CAI, the CCI, and/or to desire for training. The participants did identify specific needs for training programs. Day home caregivers provide out-of-home care for more children than any other group of caregivers. It is recommended that further professional efforts be directed to study and to serve this group and thus to enhance the development of young children in their care.



Day care centers, Parent-teacher relationships, Day care aides, In-service training