Critically Conscious Leadership, Web of Inclusion and Ethic of Care: An Approach to Equity in Higher Education

Grosso Richins, Liliana
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Latinx enrollment in higher education has more than doubled in the last 20 years, now representing 20% of the total student population (Krogstad et al., 2022). However, this growth has not translated into student success due to barriers that exist prior to entering college, but also barriers upon matriculation such as marginalization and lack of institutional support. Addressing the needs of Latinx and other minoritized students is complex and requires race/equity conscious measures. However, even the evaluation of noble initiatives like California’s Student Equity Policy and plans for community colleges demonstrate a dilution of the equity and transfer factors in the plans and their implementation. I propose a trenza (braid) approach to research of equity in higher education, visualized as a three-strand braid weaving together critically conscious leadership (who leads equity), web of inclusion (how equity is implemented), and ethics of care (the why of equity). (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Azucena Verdin)