Every Moment Counts at Hitchcock Primary School: Initiatives to Promote Mental Health




Mai, Trang

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School personnel at Hitchcock Primary School acknowledge that mental health is an issue as seen through increased behavioral challenges and one-on-one intervention with students. This capstone project is combines two elements aimed at building the capacity of school personnel, educators, and occupational therapists to address mental health in children and youth through a multi-tiered approach, which includes strategic planning to address student mental health needs, and piloting the implementation of an Every Moment Counts (EMC) initiative: comfortable cafeteria. The overall goal of my capstone project is to increase awareness and knowledge on how to promote mental health in schools at a universal level to decrease the need for 1-on-1 intervention needs. The current literature highlights the need for OT practitioners to collaborate within an interdisciplinary team to promote multitiered systems of support in the school rather than sole intervention of the traditional tier 3: individualized approach. Through a tier 1: universal approach, all students will have the opportunity to develop skills to create and maintain positive mental health in order to achieve academic and non-academic successes in their lives.



School-based, Mental health, Promotion, Occupational therapy, Comfortable cafeteria, Multitiered systems of support, Universal, Interdisciplinary, Communities of practice, Every moment counts