Children's experiences of living with asthma: A phenomenological study




Wallace, Faith P.

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This research describes the subjective lived experiences of children, age nine to 12 years, diagnosed with mild intermittent and mild persistent asthma. Purposive sampling yielded 11 participants, 3 females and 8 males. One participant was diagnosed with mild persistent asthma. The remaining 10 participants were diagnosed with mild intermittent asthma. Using a broad question, “Tell me about your last asthma attack”, nine themes emerged. A core theme of “Keep on Going” no matter what asthma brings was supported by two major sub-themes. The first sub-theme, “Reality of Asthma” included how the children perceived the asthma impacted their daily live. The second sub-theme, “Resolution of Asthma” described the children's problem-solving efforts when an asthmatic attack was eminent. Resolution actions included taking medications and seeking a support person, such as their mother or teacher, to assist with asthma management. This research indicates that children with asthma are acutely aware of their body's response to asthma and act quickly to resolve the effects of asthma on their health.



Health and environmental sciences, Asthma, Children, Problem solving, Social support