Influence of a health promotion strategy on self-concept of patients with agoraphobia

Chelette, Phyllis
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A preexperimental, one-group, pretest-posttest design was used to investigate the relationship between level of satisfaction with self-concept of agoraphobics before and after participation in a Territorial Apprehensiveness (TERRAP) structured behavior modification program. The 95 agoraphobic clients were 68 females and 27 males with a mean age of 38.5 years; 68 were married. Level of satisfaction with self-concept was assessed by Secord and Jourard's Body Cathexis-Self Cathexis (BC-SC) Scale. Subjects exhibited a significant improvement in self-concept after participating in a TERRAP program (t = $-$10.18, df = 94, p≤.001). A significant difference was found between marital status and posttreatment BC-SC scores (F = 3.53, p≤.033). Clients currently married and clients never before married had higher self-concept scores than previously married subjects who were divorced, separated, or widowed. No differences in self-concept were found due to age, gender, use of additional therapy techniques or use of medication.

Nursing, Mental health, Agoraphobia, Patients, Self-concept