Holism: A concept analysis




McMillan, Eileen
Stanga, Natalina
Van Sell, Sharon

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The concept of holism is not new to the world of healthcare in other countries, but in the practice of traditional Western medicine, holism is still emerging. Holism is including the whole being, mind, body, and soul, acknowledging that the whole is more than a sum of the parts. The concept of holism was analyzed according to the Walker and Avant methodology to guide nursing practice to offer more comprehensive care to patients. Attributes of the concept are total, balanced, mind, body, and spirit, and whole. Antecedents were analyzed and are knowledge, understanding, relationships, and intention. Furthermore, the identified consequences of the concept were healing, peace, wellness, and Zen. To demonstrate holism in nursing a model, borderline, and contrary casesare laid out. Finally, a discussion about how the concept of holism enhances care given by the advanced practice nurse.


Article originally published in International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices, 5(1). English. Published Online 2018. https://doi.org/10.15344/2394-4978/2018/282


Advanced practice nursing, Body, Holism, Mind, Spirit, Whole


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