Making love on the River Anthropocene: Resisting the neoliberalization of water and nature



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We are bodies of water, flowing in and out of space and time. We are deep time, for we belong to the ruts and grooves of the universe. We are never anything but vulnerable and at-risk of annihilation. We are livingdying, for living is dying and dying is living. But we are bodies of water. We are both matter and meaning. We are the beginning and the end of the world. We are the air that flows over our surfaces. We are the sand in the Sahara; in the driest crevices of the earth we are there – persisting. But, we are choking under the weight of human waste and neoliberal violence. Water’s slow death is our slow death. Our livingdying is always-already intertwined with water’s. Together, in our intra-active un/becoming, we ensure the horizon of all im/possibility and the re/making of worlds.



neoliberalism, posthumanism, new feminist materialisms, queer theory, love, anthropocene, rhetoric