Exploring the Impact of Physical Activity on Functional Independence and Quality of Life in People with Parkinson's




Tran, Jason

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This doctoral capstone project aimed to investigate the possible effects of physical activity on functional independence and quality of life in people with Parkinson’s. A 4-week study was conducted at Rock Steady Boxing – Dallas, assessing participants (n=14) pre- and post- using the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure and World Health Organization’s Quality of Life Questionnaire, Brief form. A one-way ANOVA was performed and found that there was no significant change in performance at p = 0.05 (F-statistic = 0, F critical value = 4.22, p = 1) or in satisfaction at p = 0.05 (F-statistic = 0.037, F critical value = 4.22, p = 0.84). Among the four domains of quality of life, as outlined in the WHOQOL-BREF, the average scores (out of a maximum of 100) among participants were as follows: 56.34 in Physical Health, 61.58 in Psychological Health, 67.83 in Social Relations, and 78.56 in Environment. While physical activity holds promise in enhancing the lives of people with Parkinson’s, further research is needed to fully understand its implications for functional independence and satisfaction, thereby informing more effective and holistic therapeutic approaches.



Parkinson's disease, Boxing, Occupational performance, Quality-of-life, Satisfaction