Effect of various processing on the quality and storage of par-fried French Fries in trans-free cottonseed oil

Hegde, Vani
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Making a good French Fries undergoes many processing, among which blanching and dehydration are the most important. This study was conducted to observe the effect of various processing on the quality of French Fries fried in cotton seed oil. Also a storage study was performed to observe the effect of storage on quality of par-fried French Fries. Russet Burbank potatoes were used for this study and they were tested for specific gravity, dry matter, total sugars, reducing sugars and starch. The potatoes strips were blanched at three different temperatures of 160°F, 170°F and 180°F and at three temperatures of 15, 30 and 45 minutes. They underwent two dehydration parameters of 180°F for 10 minutes and 210°F for 5 minutes. The quality of French fries was determined by the fat content, color analysis and sensory evaluation.

The specific gravity of the potatoes was 1.080 and the dry matter content was 19.95%. The reducing sugars were found to be 146.66mg/100 gms and starch was 18.43gm/100gms. Blanching reduced the sugar content significantly and it was seen that as the blanching time and temperature increased the sugar loss also increased. There was more moisture loss in potato strips blanched at 180°F for 10 mins than at 210°F for 5 mins. The fat content was higher in potato strips blanched for longer time and higher temperature. The lowest fat content was in strips blanched at 160°F for 45 mins and dehydrated at 180°F for 10 mins. The color analysis showed that color was lighter for French fries that were blanched for longer time that is 45 mins compared to 15 mins due to excess leaching out of sugars during blanching. Sensory evaluation also observed the same pattern with better texture and color in French Fries blanched at lower temperature-longer time.

Storages study of par fried French Fries for 15, 30 and 45 days indicated loss of moisture from par-fried French Fries during storage. Increase uptake of oil was observed as the storage time increased. There was no change in color during storage but there was deterioration in the texture, flavor and overall likeability.

Low temperature-longer time blanching process yields better quality French Fries with regard to texture, color and fat content. Moisture loss during dehydration helps in improving the texture of French fries and storage of French Fries for longer time saw lower scores in sensory evaluation.

Health and environmental sciences, Cottonseed oil, French fries, Frying, Potatoes, Quality, Storage, Transfat free