The maintenance of entry-level psychomotor skills by upper division physical therapy students




Garner, Deborah

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It has been assumed that after a student has demonstrated an entry-level competency of a physical therapy skill, that the entry-level performance of the skill is maintained over a period of time. This study investigated the psychomotor performance of 77 students for the basic physical therapy skills of massage, gait, and transfers at two different time periods. The students were tested in a simulated laboratory setting using key indicators from the "Mastery and Assessment of Clinical Skills" for the evaluation criteria. Two approaches to the psychomotor testing structure, the performance of the student subgroups, and the influence of experience on psychomotor skill performance were also investigated. The comparisons were made with a chi-square correlation statistic. There was no significant difference for any of the hypotheses, except for the comparison of the two approaches to the testing of transfers. The data suggested that the students maintained their competency in a tested psychomotor skill.