Factors influencing Muslim Americans to attend professional team sport events




Masoudi, Maher Madani

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The purpose of this study was to identify the important factors influencing Muslim Americans, 18 years of age and above, to attend (in person) or watch (on television) professional team sport events. Furthermore, important theory of planned behavior (TPB) factors were identified according to a set of demographic variables.

Muslim American Professional Team Sport Attendance Paired Comparison Instrument (MAPTSAPCI) and Muslim American Favorite Professional Team Sport Event Paired Comparison Instrument (MAFPTSEPCI) were used in this study. A total of 106 correctly completed questionnaires were used in this study, 23 of them were professional team sport event attendees, 51 were professional team sport television viewers and 32 did not watch professional team sport events on television or attend events.

Results showed that “Exciting” and “Weekend games” were the most important factors influencing Muslim American professional team sport attendance. The results also confirmed that soccer was the favorite sport for both Muslim American attendees and television viewers. Furthermore, the reasons for not attending a professional team sport event were they were not interested in sport and they watched on television. Finally, Muslim Americans participants who neither attended nor watched professional team sport events were not interested in sport. All four factors in category of attitude toward behavior were chosen one half of the time when compared with the other eight factors.



Sports management, Islamic studies, Event attendance, Social sciences, Sport marketing, Professional sports, Muslim-Americans