Birth of a ballet: August Bournonville's A Folk Tale, 1854




La Pointe, Janice Deane McCaleb

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Discussion of A Folk Tale choreographed by August Bournonville, director of the Royal Danish Ballet from 1830-1875, from its inception in 1853 to the restaging done by Bournonville in 1874 based upon existing archival sources. Historical materials include: photographs, stage plots, property, lighting and scenery notes, reviews, rehearsal and diary notations, costuming information, biographical information on selected 19th and early 20th century soloists and directors, cast lists and data on A.F.T. performances by the Royal Danish Ballet, 1854 to 1975, floor patterns for the Farmers' Dance (Act 1) and a translation of the libretto. Specific analysis made of Act 1, scenes 1 and 2. The process Bournonville used to write his libretto was discussed based upon folkloric sources, previously published stories and performed theatrical productions. Short essays include: biography of A. Bournonville; social and political history of Denmark, 1800-1870; development of musical culture in Denmark to 19th c.; collaborative relationship between B. and his composers; and biographies of the composers of A.F.T. Niels W. Gade (1816-1890) and Johan P. E. Hartmann (1805-1905).



Ballet, Choreography, Dance, Romanticism in music, Communication and the arts