Effects of multiple social structures on important individual psychological attributes: A cross-national comparative analysis




Brethauer-Gay, Helen

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This analysis sought to explore the independent and relative effects of the social structural components of class, gender, and religion on the individual personality attributes of tolerance, trust, life satisfaction, and a sense of having free choice and control over life outcomes. It explored which structural element had the stronger effect on the individual psychological attributes, the similarities and differences in the effects of these social structural elements on the individual psychological attributes, and it tested the intersections of structural components for interactive effects across six countries, Germany, India, Singapore, South Africa, and the United States. Multivariate techniques, ordinary least squares regression and logistic regression, were employed, as was a subgroup analysis.

This analysis did not find universal effects of the social structural elements on the individual psychological attributes. What it did find was much variation in the effects of social structural components across the selected countries. This analysis indicates not only that there are significant differences between the social locations formed by the social structures, but that the effects from the independent variables vary dependent upon the social locations.



Social sciences, Psychology, Individual psychological attributes, Psychological attributes, Social structure, Tolerance, Trust