Parents' and students' perspectives of transition planning and post-secondary outcomes

Morgan, Valda R. Beasley
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One of many responsibilities for public schools concerning students with mental retardation is to assist students with the development of their individual transition plans. The purpose of this study was to evaluate if post-secondaiy outcomes identified for students with mental retardation while in public school were the actual outcomes in which they engaged since graduation from high school.
This study utilized a two part investigatory approach, (l) involvement of a focus group using the Metaplan process (Schnelle, 2008) and (2) a review of students' admission, review and dismissal (ARD)/individualized education program (IEP) team meeting minutes. Data from these processes were analyzed using a narrative of participants' responses to the research questions, and standard deviation to address the distribution of rating scores obtained when evaluating standards of evidence found in the review of the meeting minutes. The participants were graduates of a North Texas area'public school system. Two former students and two parents participated in the focus group sessions N=4. Total records of former students reviewed, N=15

Education, Mental retardation, Post-secondary outcomes, Special education, Transition