What if...John Pope had invaded Canada?




Zander, Cecily Nelson

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Emerging Civil War


Many ECW readers will know (and perhaps take delight in the fact) that Major General John Pope was banished to Minnesota in the wake of his disastrous defeat at the battle of Second Bull Run. President Abraham Lincoln asked Pope to go west and oversee the aftermath of what Civil War-era Americans termed the “Dakota Uprising.” Scholars today view the events of the late summer of 1862 as a far more complex event than nineteenth-century Americans. Historians now opt against incendiary language like “uprising” or “massacre” and prefer to see the resistance movement of Mdewakanton Dakota leader Little Crow as a strike against American expansion and a significant moment in Native American resistance to US settler colonialism.


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Canada in the Civil War, Dakota War, Henry Hastings Sibley, International affairs, John Pope, Native Americans, What if?, What if 2022


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