Quantitative variations, inheritance, and effect of environmental conditions on texture, taste related components and aroma in 251 F3 cucumbers from WI-7633 x WI-7801


May 2023

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ABSTRACT OYINDAMOLA AKINPELU QUANTITATIVE VARIATIONS, INHERITANCE, AND EFFECT OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS ON TEXTURE, TASTE RELATED COMPONENTS AND AROMA IN 251 F3 CUCUMBERS FROM WI-7633 X WI-7801 DECEMBER 2022 This study aimed to quantify variations in texture, taste related components and volatile compounds of 251 open field and greenhouse F3 cucumbers. The flavor components varied widely (12.9-56.9 N for firmness, 1.20-6.40 Brix, 4.9-7.1 for pH, 0.10-0.36% for titratable acidity, and 2.32- 27.81 mg/100g GAE for total polyphenols). Furthermore, three odor-active compounds- (E, Z)-2,6-nonadienal, E-2-nonenal, and hexenal varied as much as 4.5, 5.3, and 7.6 times, respectively. Flavor inheritance in the F3 cucumbers ranged from 23-97% according to the percentage of progenies with measurements within the range of the parent cucumbers. The greenhouse cucumbers generally showed better inheritance for firmness and taste components, while the open field cucumbers exhibited better inheritance for volatiles. The results also showed the open field cucumbers were firmer and sweeter, while the greenhouse cucumbers were more sour, bitter and had greener cucumber aroma. This study provides insight on variation of flavor components, inheritance and environmental conditions.



Agriculture, Food Science and Technology, Flavor chemistry