Dance making: The work and working of collaboration




Mulvihill, Julie

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The purpose of this research is to investigate dance making practices and to include the voices of dance makers in a conversation about collaboration. This research is an inquiry into what collaboration means between dancers and choreographers who endeavor to make a dance together and as such, questions what the practice of dance making includes and means to practitioners. The ideas of prominent theorists on relational being are included along with an examination of what it means to be, think, and act together. The experiences of the participant dance makers are considered and presented as embodied theory: they are put into conversation with philosophers creating a dialogue of enacted philosophy. The culmination of this research puts forth four core responses: Listening and Being Present, Voice and Bodying, Living Through, and Thinking Together. These four core responses interact to create a system of collaboration from the interweaving of the experiences of the participant dance makers in creative process with philosophical notions about relationships.



Dance, Philosophy, Psychology, Philosophy, religion, and theology, Communication and the arts, Choreography, Collaboration, Creative process, Dialogue, Relational being