Fine and coarse tuning of the photophysical and chemical properties of cuprous iodide complexes with various imine based ligands

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This thesis is a study of copper iodide complexes with various imine based ligands. It has 150pp, 17 tables, 112 figures and the references for the study of these CuI complexes. The one main project is discussed over four chapters unfolding the synthesis, structure and spectroscopic studies of the copper iodide complexes. Chapter I introduces the background of copper halide complexes, physical and photophysical properties of these complexes, and their potential applications. Chapter II discusses the synthesis of each copper iodide complex. Chapter III covers the characterization of the synthesized compounds including x-ray crystallography, elemental analysis, photoluminescence, lifetime, 1HMNR, FT-IR, absorption spectroscopy and thermogravimetric analysis. Chapter IV concludes and summarizes the results obtained in chapters II and III and the expected applications

copper iodide, 4-cyanopyridine, 3-cyanopyridine, 2-cyanopyridine, 5-bromo-3-cyanopyridine, pyrazine, quinoxaline