Measuring deferred care resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic




Brandon, Judith
Tietze, Mari
Thompson, Sondatre
Fisher, Erin

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Background Actionable data through visualization help identify health needs. Trends in pre-COVID-19 service delivery data can be compared to post-COVID-19 service delivery data. The delta, or change, for example by ZIP code, can be used as a target for course of action to take as a result of the delta. This poster provides a step-by-step analysis of deferred care delivery for such an action-oriented project. Purpose Provide the participant with the tools and analysis steps to conduct an action-oriented project to address deferred service delivery. Project Description The summary report of the deferred care analysis will be provided to organizations interested in improving the COVID-19- oriented impact of deferred healthcare service delivery. Summary of Response Action items were taken as a result of COVID-19-oriented deferred healthcare service delivery. This approach can be used to address where to apply needed resources and as a tool for ongoing monitoring of these trends.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium