The effects of self-monitoring techniques on homework timeliness




Davis, Ella

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The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of self-monitoring techniques on a student's ability to turn in their homework on time. In this study, students were asked to keep track of the number of days they turned in their homework on time and to graph those results at the end of each week. Forty students enrolled in three elementary fifth grade general education mathematics classes (32 males, 33 females) participated. Participants were randomly assigned to either the experimental group (homework monitoring) or the control group (breakfast monitoring). Results of a Chi Square and a General Linear Model Repeated Measures ANOVA indicate no significant differences between students who monitored the rate at which they turned in their homework on time and students who do not. Findings from the present study were not congruent with the theory of previously conducted research and consequently did not support the hypotheses.



Behaviorial Sciences, Educational psychology