Perceptions of justice and gender role conflict among men's rights activists

Ash-Houchen, William
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Men's Rights Activists are often understood within the literature as a product of a reactionary or countermovement to the second wave of Feminism. However, Men's Rights Activists also mobilize around specific social issues like intimate partner violence perpetration and restrictive roles associated with masculinity or the male gender. This thesis examines 29 responses to a constructed survey using existing indices that measure attitudes about social justice, gender role conflict, and attitudes about personal responsibility. Although participants did not report significant levels of gender role conflict, participants did report attitudes that are associated with social justice and high levels of perceived control over their own lives. Respondents also reported increased levels of perceived behavioral control related to social justice activism. The thesis was exploratory in nature, and the findings help empirically connect existing theoretical literature and the current iteration of the Men's Rights Movement that exists primarily in an online setting.

Social sciences, Gender role conflict, Justice, Men's rights, Men's rights activists